By Stephen Kampa

Unsold on any afterlife,     

     Unmoved by thoughts of will,

You’ve started celebrating nature’s     

     Aleatory skill

By Dan Beachy-Quick

...The mind? Centuries taught me about this

Root of electric blood. Faces, none mine,

Come here...

By Patricia Nash

Take a human, like myself.

Quadruple me

By Katherine Gibbel

all the roads collapsed

>I heard your quick breath in your attic room

>>almost saw your pale


face grow paler round the edges

>not a moon just wet paper’s

>>slight jaundice drying out

By Lauren Winchester

                                                                               ...I too


am smeared with gold

            and soot and anxious

for increase                  and on screens the sea


            is rising...

By Joshua Marie Wilkinson

...Look at the sun falling like

a moon. Look at that.

Stand still while I throw this

stone over your head...

By Virginia Konchan

...Do not pity my captivity. When I meet

my face in the mirror, I read it from

the perspective of being frozen, or freed...

By Brandon Courtney

...Every name you'll ever hear is human...

By Pierluigi Cappello, Translated from the Italian by Todd Portnowitz

...even the rain has its beatitudes...